Voicemail, retired.

Jamie Todd Rubin posted about his best contact method, a follow up post to him retiring voicemail, which got me thinking got me thinking… 95% (maybe more) of the phone calls I’ve received in the last month were from solicitors. Why not just do the same and update my voicemail to say send me a text message or email? I rarely get a legitimate voicemail, and for those that do can easily hang up and send a text, email, or many other types of communication I have available.

Does that look clean to you?

Before and after of my Apple Bluetooth keyboard using a Magic Eraser to clean the oil/dirt from my fingers.

Does that look clean to you?

Before and after of my Apple Bluetooth keyboard using a Magic Eraser to clean the oil/dirt from my fingers.

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I for one am a big fan of the “E”, WWE that is.

I grew up watching wrestling back when it was WWF and the likes of the Ultimate Warrior were running around. I remember Stone Cold Steve Austin and Corporate Rock getting into fights. I remember Mankind being thrown off the Hell in a Cell structure through the announce table by the Undertaker.

Thank you for all the laughs, gasps, and tears.

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Challenge accepted: donated money to ALS and dumped a bucket of ice water on myself for good measure.

It’s a good cause, do it.


PSA - Buy AppleCare for iOS Devices

A couple days back, I started noticing that my iPhone’s home button was less responsive than normal. I wondered if it was a software problem… but the button worked, it just wasn’t 100% reliable. This definitely wasn’t a software problem. I made an appointment with the local Apple store to see a Genius and get this situation figured out… My AppleCare expires next month, so hopefully everything gets resolved now.

I show up to the appointment and the tech Genius looks it over and takes a large black toothpick looking device/poker and checks out the home button. He notices that the flex spring isn’t working in all areas and that when you push on the button in the top half, the display is altered. As he’s interacting with the iPhone, he notices that it’s not flat. Turns out that the back of the iPhone is bent. It looks bent right at the bottom glass panel on the back, causing the problem with the home button.

I have 2 options at this point:

  • replace the flex assembly for free under AppleCare, but that might not fix the problem long term
  • replace the iPhone for $49 under accidental damage with AppleCare.

Considering my AppleCare expires next month, I swapped the entire thing. The great thing about refurbished Apple products is that Apple replaces the battery and outer shell.

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One of my favorite games on the App Store updated…

What’s new:

Tuna islands / 5 new level bugfixes

New island and new levels as a free update? I’ll take it! Thank you Andreas Illiger (developer).

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"Do you want to be a gladiator in a suit? Say it."

— Harrison Wright (played by Columbus Short), Scandal.

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Night one of Sleep Cycle

Looking through the App Store yesterday and I rediscovered Sleep Cycle (more info here). I finally took it for a true test drive last night and here is the graph to represent it:


Looking over the sleep from last night, it looks accurate from what I can recall. I felt last night was a poor night of sleep - I was tossing and turning a bit due to the heat/weather, but I wasn’t as tired when I woke up as previous mornings. This is most likely due to waking up while not in a deep sleep, as opposed to what happens with a traditional alarm that just wakes you up at a time without consideration for your sleep phases.

This app will provide to be very interesting over time. For instance, do I notice any trends on Sundays/Mondays, days off, holidays, etc? Something else the app calls out under your graph is shortest, longest, best, and worst nights.

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What a blow to the world, Robin Williams was one of those select few individuals that people of all ages looked up to.

Don’t mind me, I’ll go ahead and start a marathon and pour one out for the late, great Robin Williams.

Thank you for all the laughs, you won’t be forgotten.


"Synolocker" locks down a Synology behind ransomware.

Well, looks like I need to button down the hatches.

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