I used to hack my way around scripts and third-party apps to perform a common task such as saving a string of text to Evernote; now, I can hit share from anywhere and save anything I want into Evernote. The widget and share extension have reinvented note creation in Evernote for my workflow, and I can’t wait to see how they’ll evolve.

Evernote is one of the apps I am most excited about in iOS 8.


David Sparks about Mail in iOS 8:

You can also now set a thread (as opposed to a person) as a VIP.

That’s interesting. I didn’t know this was changed in iOS 8. This could be handy. You’ll be able to follow updates to just a specific thread instead of a person.

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When the prices of the steel and (especially) gold Apple Watches are announced, I expect the tech press to have the biggest collective shit fit in the history of Apple-versus-the-standard-tech-industry shit fits.

I for one am looking forward to this. This was a well thought piece and a clever piece of writing by Gruber.


Jim Dalrymple:

Of course, the easiest way to use the iPhone 6 Plus is with two hands. My experience with the 6 Plus became much more enjoyable after I gave up trying to see how it worked with one hand and used two. One-handed operation can be done, two-handed is optimal.

This is a stark comparison to what other reviews are (or aren’t for that matter) saying. No one is talking about the usage. The review is centered around specs. That’s an issue.


Nilay Patel:

The smaller iPhone 6 feels like just the next iterative update to the iPhone, but the 6 Plus feels like something else entirely; with a few more software tweaks and some love from developers, it could really be my main computer. It’s as much iPad as iPhone.

This was one of my initial thoughts. The 6 feels like an iteration on what Apple has done with the 5s where the 6 Plus feels like a new class of device for Apple. I’m really looking forward to using this device as my daily driver.


This is one of the many extensions I’m looking forward to in iOS 8.

"No one wants to buy this drill. What people really want to buy is a hole."

— Theodore Levitt in


iPhone 6 Plus and the OnePlus One

I’ve been thinking a lot about the iPhone 6 Plus and it’s sheer size:

  • will it fit in my pockets?
  • will I be able to comfortably use it?
  • is the screen really that big?

I took to looking at other devices on the market that were similar sized, especially the display. A recent phone entrant to the market, the OnePlus One. It’s a 5.5” display and has had great reviews done on it… For instance, Marques Brownlee reviews the OnePlus One. One thing I instantly noticed: the size. It’s not too big. It actually looks good. Although their are two different operating systems at play here, one is a modified version of Android and the other is iOS.

We’ll see what happens on Friday when I have it, the iPhone 6 Plus, in hand.


Suddenly, they were everywhere. White earbuds on the bus. White earbuds on the plane. White earbuds on every street I walked down, in every city in America. Sometimes you’d go to a party, and the host would leave the iPod hooked up to the speakers, so everyone could take turns DJing. Click the wheel and rock the party.

This was a special time. The colored billboard ads with the silhouettes rocking out with white earbuds. You felt the music landscape shifting. The feeling to hold you’re entire music library… with you… in your pocket. The iPod brought something special to the pockets of millions.


The Apple Watch brings a significant value to this category for me. I think they’re still working on it, but I can’t wait to have one. And I’ll treasure it and wear it with me every day because it does more than tell the time, and it tells the time so beautifully. It does so in a way I can appreciate and it’s from a company I love.

Louie encapsulates exactly what I think about the Apple Watch. It brings value to the category that I previously did not see. The “cool” things that I could do on a watch previously, I can do just as easily from my phone and in most cases, get more function out of. Tell the time? Multiple zones at that. Timers? Multiple and simultaneously. Stopwatch? Precisely.

I am very excited about this announcement and the forward thinking that this will bring to the category. If this is reminiscent of what happened back in 2007, we are in for an incredible ride.