One of those great ideas you wish someone would have thought of years ago… turn any image into a custom emoji.

This is a fun, simple, and clever idea.

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Apple’s Family Sharing

Hah. Family sharing. Apple got around having user accounts on local devices by letting people “share” iTunes purchases with accounts using the same credit card.


We all knew it was coming… a sneak peak of the new Foursquare and all the checkins are now in Swarm.


I can’t say that I’m surprised.

The first iPhone was missing a slew of features. The G1? Same thing. Windows Phone? They had a start menu, literally. The first foray tends to be missing numerous features compared to other things in the market. Is it the fault of Amazon or the fault of the market? Amazon. They wanted a lot for this phone and didn’t focus their energy into any specific segment.

Phone. Wide-screen iPod. Internet communicator. Focus. Ring a bell?


Many restaurants already pay to manage reservations through OpenTable, the market leader that began operations in 1998 and was sold on Friday to Priceline for $2.6 billion.

OpenTable could have been so much more. Interested to see what happens under the Priceline umbrella.

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…for reasons I cannot determine my Fitbit died. I was devastated when I tapped the broadest part of it and the little dots failed to appear. Then I felt a great sense of freedom. It seemed that my life was now my own again. But was it? Walking twenty-five miles, or even running up the stairs and back, suddenly seemed pointless, since, without the steps being counted and registered, what use were they? I lasted five hours before I ordered a replacement, express delivery. It arrived the following afternoon, and my hands shook as I tore open the box. Ten minutes later, my new master strapped securely around my left wrist, I was out the door, racing, practically running, to make up for lost time.

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I would also like to upgrade my Drobo to a full-fledged NAS from Synology.

  • John Voorhees

Really enjoying this series by Pocket.

"The good thing about Pocket is that, at work, at the end of the day, you can quickly stash all your open tabs in Pocket using the browser add-on."

What kinds of content have you been saving to Pocket lately?

"Some of my favorite sites include The Toast, Slate, Jezebel, Cracked, Salon, and Buzzfeed. I’m quite active on a few Facebook forums, so I frequently save items that fellow members post on those pages."

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Voting system for Feature Requests

Here’s a free idea for companies and developers to use for feature requests: present requests on a site.tld/featurerequests page where your users can vote on requests to be worked on.

It’s really simple… higher the vote, the more likely it’ll be implemented. No guarantees on if something will be implemented or not, but it’s a good gauge for developers to see what their users are wanting.